The Greatest Band You've Never Heard Of

by Final Showcase

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"You're A Slacker, McFly!" and "I'm Only Growing Up For Sex" were recorded in April-May 2016.
"Please" was recorded in April 2015


released June 9, 2016

"You're A Slacker, McFly!" and "I'm Only Growing Up For Sex" : Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Rob Chiarappa
"Please" : Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Bruce Wiegner at Overlook Studios

Drums on "Please" : Nick Maier
Drums on "You're A Slacker, McFly!" and "I'm Only Growing Up For Sex" : Rob Chiarappa



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Final Showcase Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

One of the youngest, most energetic, and original bands in the local scene, Final Showcase never fails to disappoint. With a blend of Punk, Pop-Punk, Emo, and Grunge, their unique sound is captivating, and just fun. After forming in June 2013, and emerging publicly in March 2014, they went on to become one of the most entertaining and high-octane live bands in the scene. ... more

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Track Name: You're A Slacker, McFly!
It's 3am
I'm trying to sleep
But my anxiety has got the best of me
I just got fired from a dead end job
But I swear to god
That it wasn't my fault
Should I go to school?
Should I get a degree?
My mind is pretty fried
I'll just apply next week

And I went too far again
But now its too late to turn around.
I went off the deep end again
But I don't wanna swim so I guess I'll drown
I don't expect you to understand
That I'm a case study victim of circumstance
I've got a lot to say
a lot less to do,
I'm gonna ruin this
and then I'll blame it all on you

I've got bills to pay
And all you can see
A pair of bloodshot eyes
And a mouth to feed
My girl always tells me
I'll be okay
But I know that's just
What's she's supposed to say.
Well I I know she's lovely
I know she's sweet
But I know for a fact
She looks down on me
Track Name: I'm Only Growing Up For Sex
Have you ever felt
Like you can't do anything?
Has anyone told you
To give up on your dreams?
Well don't you listen to any of their shit
Our whole generation is offended pricks
Does the government scare you?
Don't be afraid
Will you sell your soul for minimum wage?
I said "nah man, I'm just trying to get laid.
Have you ever stuck it in? It sure feels great"

And they tell me it makes them sick
But they always ask how we stay so optimistic

Cause we're young and dumb
And we don't give a fuck
So we'll just sit around
And light one more up
We'll get really stoned and we'll go and bone
I've waited a long time for this
They told me "all good days come to an end
And being happy puts a price on your head"
I wish they could've seen me like this
So I guess I'll admit, I'm only growing up for sex

Have you ever fell in love?
There's a spark in my heart
I'm drinking gasoline
To make a fire start
And when that fire dies
They say you'll be okay
You're 17 why should you care anyway
Are you really gonna ask that?
That's all you can say?
When my happiness was ripped away
Who are you to judge me?
With a heart made of clay
I don't care how old I am
The pain will stay
Track Name: Please
It seems like I
I grew up way too fast
And all my friends, they're all gone
And I came in last
Well they're all successful
Doctors and lawyers, CEO'S, my employers
And I havent done a damn thing
So stop telling me I'll be alright
Because you and I both know
That I'm in a plane heading for a mountainside
I'm losing all control, I can't stop this
So please, save me
From this downward spiral

So please, please
Don't go (Don't go)
Cause I need you here
It's where, it's where you belong.

Take my hand
And hold on tight
And I'll show you the world in another light
And I may not be the brightest guy
But I can be alright

Struggling to find tomorrow
And I think I'm destined for disaster
And I've been waiting for forever
So, will you save me from this place
I just, need to see your face
Just give me one more chance
And I swear, I'll be okay

Please don't go
Please don't go
Please don't go
Please don't go

Please don't go x4
(Don't go)
(I may not be the brightest guy, but at least I'll be alright)